Lucky Charms

Want to keep luck on your side? Looking for a gift to wish someone luck with their upcoming exams, new job or new chapter in their life? Our sterling silver collection of ‘lucky charms’ are the perfect addition to your charm bracelet, ensuring you have a little bit of luck wherever you go! Keep reading to explore our collection. 
Shamrock Charm 
The shamrock has been a symbol of Ireland since the 18th century. The early druids of Ireland believed that the shamrock could detect bad spirits. There are three leaves of the shamrock charm, each leaf representing faith, hope and love. Keep our sterling silver shamrock charm close on one of our bracelets. 
 View our Shamrock Charm here
Wishbone Charm
Unbroken wishbones are another classic symbol of good fortune! It’s believed that when two people pull apart a wishbone, the person with the larger piece receives good luck or is granted a wish! Our sterling silver wishbone charm is the perfect gift to wish someone good luck!
View our wishbone charm here
Turtle Charm
Turtles are a symbol of good luck in many cultures.Their hard shell is said to offer protection, good fortune and project positivity. Our sterling silver Turtle Charm is the perfect charm to add your collection, radiating positivity and luck wherever you go! 
 View our turtle charm here
Horseshoe charm
Horseshoes have been a symbol of good luck since the 10th century. Traditionally they were made of iron, a material believed to ward off evil spirits and seven nails, seven being the luckiest number. Add our sterling silver horseshoe charm to your collection, and keep negative energy away!   
View our horseshoe charm here
Silver double horseshoe, double the luck
Need double the luck? Our silver double horseshoe charm is perfect for you! The horseshoes are positioned upside down to prevent the good luck from escaping. Perfect to add to your charm collection or for a lucky gift!
View our double horseshoe charm here
Alyssa Pane