When should I give Cross Jewellery?


Cross jewellery is used as a symbol of faith, hope, and love among Christians. It’s a popular gift, suitable for many religious events and holidays.

According to old Christian traditions, it was the Godparents of a child that gave them their first Cross during the child's baptism in the church. 

Within the Christian faith, it is common for people to present younger relatives and friends with the gift of Cross jewellery for varies celebrations. 

Receiving Cross jewellery as a gift is believed to be a good sign symbolizing a person's love and affection, as well as a transfer of power and life experiences being passed down.

But in today's society, it is often deemed acceptable to purchase a cross for loved ones, even if they are of no relation to you. 

Giving Cross jewellery to someone else can be viewed as a gesture of goodwill, so it is important to present the gift with kind intentions, as superstitious people believe that any ill intentions can cause bad luck. 

Did you know? 

It is bad luck to pick up a cross on the floor if it isn't yours or wear someone else's cross. 

It is also bad luck to pass on a cross that is second hand or belonged to you or someone else previously. 

This is because of an old belief, that a person's sins and bad luck are carried in their cross and could be passed on to the new wearer if they chose to wear it. 

Purchasing Cross jewellery for someone dear to you can be an act of great love and kindness, however, it is also important to consider a person's religious and personal views before presenting them with a gift. 

Some people may feel offended or question your motives whether your intentions are good. 

Written by Shantelle-Ann Marquis